Professional Second Shooting

About me

Hey! I’m Becki and I’m a professional second shooter. I’m super friendly, bubbly, creative, full of ideas and I take pretty awesome photos (if I do say so myself). This page should tell you everything you need to know, and I hope the photos speak for themselves.

I’m always up for a chat so just drop me a line with any questions. It’s normally best to contact me via Facebook, Becki Tovey for a quick response.

"I look back on our wedding photos and you made it look better than it was!"

- Aimee (Bride)

My style

Natural documentary style using mainly natural light.

I'm never afraid to get in close to get the shot so they'll be photos that get right into the action, lots of variety, emotion and quiet hidden moments. Expect to see great layered compositions.

You’re going to find me in all sorts of weird spots. I’ll be in (or up) a tree, striking a ninja pose, laughing with grandma, flying around. I can take as much or as little direction from you as required.

I’m intuitive in terms of what is needed, and will keep an eye on where you are working, and cover areas you might be missing.

Camera set up

  • Canon R6
  • 2x Canon 5DMKiii
  • 1x Canon 5DMKii (back up to the back up to the back up)
  • Primes: Canon 35 F1.8 Macro, Sigma 35mm Art, Canon 85mm, 50mm and 100mm macro
  • The trusty 24-70 L
  • 70-300 (weirdly not terrible, but this has never been used for a wedding!)
  • Speedlights, triggers, video light and diffusers etc
  • Manfrotto Tripod
  • Plenty of batteries to last the day stored in a sexy bumbag
  • All fully insured


I live in Sheffield City Centre but keen to travel all over - I love seeing new places. I drive. My passport is ready! Nudge nudge, wink wink.

I have shot weddings across the whole of the UK, Rhodes, Portugal and plenty of local Sheffield pubs and random fields. 

A typical wedding day...

Here's basically how it goes.

Arrive at the getting ready location and make friends with the bridal party. 

Hide behind a guest at the back of the ceremony.

Pop up here. Pop up there. Pop up everywhere capturing the action.

Help you organise groups using my most playful (but commanding) shouting voice.

Run around the reception room before the guests get in and make a mess.

Bounce around some amazing ideas with you.

Squeal with excitement when we find good light.

Stand in the spots you tell me to pretending to be both parts of a couple at once.

Be your listening ear as guests sit down to eat.

Get the guests throwing shapes on the dance floor.

Give you your cards and a hug, ready to do it all again.

We both crash in our beds knowing we've nailed another wedding.

A CV of sorts

I spent 4 years as a full time lead wedding photographer and have around 8 years experience of various photography roles, working on events, portraiture, content and lots of second shooting.

Varied other experience of content creation, marketing and front facing roles. I took some time out from photography, mistakingly believing I would like a 9-5 job. I was wrong. I am sorry. I’m back now! 

Portfolio usage and credit

I’m very happy to hand over copyright to you, and will shoot weddings where no portfolio usage is allowed.

I always appreciate being credited in blog posts, especially submissions. I’ll also be your biggest supporter, and active in bigging up your social accounts.


Second shooting is my full time job - I’m available all day, any day.

I don't have child or pet care to arrange so can generally be ready to stand in at any time, if you find yourself in need of emergency cover.

Prime dates may book up quickly so please do get in touch to see if I’m free. 

Also available for all other types of events and shoots, associate work.

Handing over images

I prefer to shoot on your cards and give them back at the end of the day.

I always shoot dual card slot. I’ll also have an additional SD or CF card in each camera to back up. This will be downloaded to a hard drive before being formatted, so there's extra security.

All this plus 

  • Endless funny dating stories.
  • Someone who knows the stresses of photographing a wedding and has got your back.
  • Someone who will spend the whole day representing you and working to et the best shots for your couple.
  • Someone to ask "when are we getting fed?" so you don't have to.
  • Many sing alongs.
  • An extra pair of hands to run you errands.
  • Free moral support and someone to tell you when you’re worrying about nothing. 

What I need from you

  • The couples names.
  • All addresses to be used.
  • Key times.
  • Do I need to bring lunch? (If not, veggie please!)
  • Anything I need to know?
  • Payment after the day. Please contact me for fees.

"You're my right hand woman. And my left hand woman. And on Saturday you were both when you held my camera over my head whilst I took the shot."

- Anna Wood (Photographer)

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