Photography Bucket List

Here are some of the things I would love to photograph in my career. If you are incorporating any of these elements please get in touch and let me see what I can do for you!

  • BOOKED! But I have to wait for 2016... My biggest wish is to photograph a dog in attendance. I can't believe this hasn't happened yet!
  • Wedding with any animal in attendance. I would like to cross off a whole zoo from the list. Primarily a reindeer!
  • DONE! In the Forest of Dean and it was absolutely magical! I would love to do more. Elopement
  • Corpse bride themed wedding
  • Church of the flying spaghetti monster wedding. Look at this one shared by Rock and Roll Bride!
  • Wedding with zombies in attendance
  • Harry potter themed wedding. Bonus points for wizard rock!
  • The Office (US) themed wedding. Or even better a Schrute Farm Wedding!
  • DONE! (Lets do more!) Fancy dress wedding.
  • Barbershop Quartet
  • Chinese wedding door games. This just looks like pure hilarity and right up my street!
  • Wedding of an couple aged 70+
  • Many same sex weddings/civil ceremonies, as I'm completely gutted I haven't photographed one yet.
  • DONE! And it was emotional. A first look. American’s love these and it’s a photographers dream!
  • Surprise wedding
  • Wearing pressed flowers/men with flower beard
  • Wedding where bride wears a dress like this:
  • A wedding featuring something like this:
  • Photograph a wedding on my iPhone

Weddings at...

Here are some locations I would love to shoot at. Some as I have visited, and fallen in love with. Some I am just dreaming about!

  • DONE and BOOKED! I would loooove to photograph a destination wedding anywhere!
  • Wedding in Disneyland/world
  • Wedding at Alton Towers. Particularly in the actual towers building itself... even more particularly in the conservatory part (where you que to go to the Sanctuary Scare Maze if that could ever happen).
  • Wedding at The Asylum, Peckham: I already love you if you can see the beauty in this place:
  • Wedding at Aynhoe Park. The perfect mix of stately home gorgeousness and the downright bizarre:
  • Wedding at Mount Stuart, Roythsea, Scotland. This place is the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen:
  • Wedding on a beach
  • Wedding at the Tiled Hall Leeds Gallery. I've always loved this place since I first saw it. Many happy hours spent in Leeds Gallery:
  • Vegas wedding... duh!
  • Any kind of shoot at the Neon Boneyard, also in Las Vegas:
  • Any one of these beautiful abandoned greenhouses.

Non wedding related photography:

  • Photograph a birth
  • Photograph 'a day in the life’ shoot
  • Couple shoot at Chatsworth
  • Shoot on the streets of Paris at sunset
  • Burning Man Festival

I would also love to donate my services to a couple in need, such as something like this:!js-project/clwn If anyone hears of anything like this please do let me know.

I love anything a bit unusual… I will add to this list as I find things that spark my imagination.

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